10 Reasons to Join the Student Union

It’s that time of year again–that time when people in white polos keep trying to hand you flyers entitled “Join the SU!” and posters plaster the halls between classes. And while you’ve probably had to push away a handout or two on the table in the refectory in order to eat your lunch, it’s still an exciting time of change for the Student Union and the school. So if you’ve never given much thought to joining the SU before, here are 10 advantages that might sway you.

To apply go to this link: su.regents.ac.uk/apply


As a member of the SU, you’ll get to . . .

1. Make a Difference

As a member of the Student Union, you will have the ability to make direct changes and improvements to programmes, events, and the school at large. Help us make the changes you’d like to see.


2. Be Heard

Student Union Executives and Representatives serve on all the various committees and boards within the school and can therefore make their opinions and voices heard, giving the student body as a whole greater power in decision making.


3. Make Regent’s Great Again

When the student body and the administration can work together to solve problems, we all benefit from the collaboration and make Regent’s the best it can be. But maybe think twice before yelling this catchphrase in the student bar *shrug*.


4. Make Connections With Your Lecturers

Our lecturers are always willing to work with and help out the student body and the Student Union, so Representatives and Executives will get to gain valuable insight from them. Plus there’s just something indefinably cool about having an ‘in’ with your lecturers.


5. Valuable Work Experience

Being a member of the Student Union offers a fantastic opportunity to learn more about teamwork, administrative work, and leadership (among others!) which are vital skills for just about any job. Plus you’ll have fun while doing it (more on that below).


6. Spice Up Your CV

Do you feel like your CV is a bit too empty for job applications? Spice it up with work experience and new skills gained from Student Union positions, because your talent in balloon animal making or extreme eating or etc. etc. etc. probably won’t help much with your job search.


7. Develop Interpersonal Skills

Student Reps and Execs work closely within their teams, with the other members of the Student Union, the student body, and with the administration, so there is a great opportunity for a crash course in interpersonal skills that will be useful in everything from future jobs and board meetings to settling those pesky political debates with your family during the holidays.


8. Great Networking Opportunities

As much as we may like the crazy days of university, we’re ultimately here to get great jobs in the future, and the best way to make that a reality is to get to know people working in your field (and maybe some fields you’d never even considered before), so the ability to meet influential speakers and guests is an invaluable asset to the future.


9. Make Lasting Friendships

The Student Union is a hardworking team, but we’re also a family. Being in the SU means meeting people from all different programmes and walks of life, and sometimes that is the most important part of being at uni.


10. Be Part of a Great Team

At the end of the day, the Student Union is here to make the experience for our students the best it can be, so we always make sure to work hard and play hard in equal measures. Being with a team of likeminded, driven students really pushes us to be our best selves both in our jobs and in our studies, and that helps us all to grow as people. (Plus, being part of a great team is just a lot of fun!)

Hopefully, these 10 reasons to join the Student Union will convince you to step out of your comfort zone and apply for one of our positions!

For more information or to apply for one of our open positions, go to su.regents.ac.uk/apply