Our Executive Team

The Student Union Executive Team are the governing body of the Student Union, headed by the President and Vice President. The Executive Team make sure that the Student Union stands up for the voice of our students and delivers the best events, societies and activities.

The Student Union Executive Team consists of the President of the Student Union, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer plus the Presidents of the individual Student Councils and support functions.

Council President Students in each schools elect their own President, and as such we have Presidents from:
• Undergraduate Business & Management
• Postgraduate Business & Management
• Drama Film & Media
• Psychotherapy & Psychology
• Fashion & Design
• Liberal Studies

The Student Union Executive Team work for the Student Union and engage with the university on a daily basis in the delivery of their projects.

The SU President stands for election and is voted in by the entire student body, and the Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer are chosen by the elected Student Union Executive members.
The Executive Team leads on all matters related to the aims and objectives of the Student Union and is governed by the Student Union Constitution.


Our Council Presidents:

Our Executive Officers: