Film, Media & Performance Council President


Our Current Film, Media & Performance Council President: 

Responsibilities of the Film, Media & Performance Council President: 

  • Represent your school on the Executive and request assistance from the Student Union if necessary.
  • Log their activities done within the specific School Council and for the school’s student body.
  • Be in charge of arranging weekly council meetings and with help from the school council secretary send out agenda and minutes to the specific school council representatives.
  • Assist the Student Union in achieving aims and objectives.
  • Represent all Students at events and committees to the best of your ability.
  • Provide leadership and support for council members and representatives.
  • Report directly to Student Union president about progress and information.
  • Attend at capability all executive meetings.
  • Officers of the Student Union may be asked to attend committee meetings, if necessary.
  • Be present for your school’s Fresher's Week and the Fresher's Fair

Applications are now Open! 

Apply now to become our next Film, Media & Performance Council President!
To apply you will need to submit the following documents:
Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter
using the form below before midnight on

Sunday 29th April

Apply now by submitting your Curriculum Vitae, Cover Letter before Sunday 29 April

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