Alert to Postgraduates

Dear Students

As we head towards the second half of our semester, pressure and stress levels may raise due to upcoming assessments and presentations. It is a crucial time for students to manage their time and studies in order to succeed.
The faculty have been made aware of student misconduct and will have a zero tolerance on poor student behaviour. At a Masters level, students are expected to behave in a mature, respectable and professional manner. Students who participate in organised deception by signing the attendance for absent peers, or commit in fraud by purchasing assessments will put their whole degree at risk. For those under suspicion of misconduct, an investigation will follow.
Do think twice about your actions and realise what consequences they may face. If you have any issues with your studies, the Student Union, Student Hub, and the faculty are here to help. Our aims as a Student Union is to build a community of excellence that supports our future aspirations.
Best of luck to the rest of your studies, and please make your peers aware of this.

Kind regards,

The Student Union Postgraduate Council