BAM Undergraduate Council Presidential Announcement for the Academic year 2016/17

The undergraduate council has achieved an enormous amount through the last ten months with various activities, such as improvements made towards the student experience, social events, and academic events.

Academic Events

This coming year we have a variety of exciting events to offer the student body such as “Start-Up to Global Giant,” “Regent’s Business Conference” and for the first time ever, a TEDx Talk hosted at Regents. With the combined efforts of the Student Union support teams, we are acquiring some of the world’s best known industry leading CEO’s, as well as exceptionally talented speakers ranging from entrepreneurs to international ambassadors to come and talk to our Student body.


Throughout the course of this semester your BAM Undergraduate Council has listened, taken forward, and communicated a variety of student issues, academic proposals, and student resource projects to be consolidated into a single report that will be sent to the Programme Committee, Learning & Teaching Committee, and the Dean.

Student Experience

Throughout the course of the last ten months we achieved enormous student outreach and attention through council meetings and promotion of student representation. The challenges we faced such as Project EIFFEL have been overcome through the use of student feedback forms to gather data to bring to senate and the introduction of a new council structure, so not to obstruct communication flows of vital issues specific to each programme. Student issues identified over the past ten months exceeded over a hundred, of which we are proud to announce that all have been taken to Program Directors, Programme Committee Meetings, and have been presented to Senate.

Undergraduate Council Structure

We offer representation across BAIB, BAIE, and BAGM students with a Vice President covering student issues and projects across each programme, a marketing manager and a content manager that work closely together with the aim to improve the outreach potential, to create relevant themes for Academic Events, and to ensure the BAM Undergraduate Council is continuously improved upon to succeed the in value we offer our student body.