Psychotherapy & Psychology Student Council

Psychotherapy & Psychology Student Council

The Psychotherapy & Psychology Student Council Represents all the Psychotherapy & Psychology students from the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Faculty (HASS). 

If you are in any of the programmes below, then this is your council:




The Psychotherapy & Psychology Student Council is there to help students with any issues they are experiencing in their academic life. If you have a problem with a lecturer, your programme, a grade, timetabling, or anything else to do with your academic experience, your first stop should be your Council representative.

The Councils meet weekly to discuss any problems that students have raised with their representatives, and the Council President will then take up any issues with the relevant staff or managers in the University. 

If you are interested in making things better in your course and you like the idea of helping your fellow students and engaging with every aspect of your course, you will gain a lot from applying to be a Council representative.  You will need to be fully engaged and committed to representing your fellow students. You will be expected to gather information for the students to present at the weekly Council meetings.


There are real benefits for you too – any involvement in the Student Union is a great addition to your CV. It’s a first step to becoming involved in the politics of the University. At the end of your term as a representative, you will receive a certificate to mark your contribution. You will be in line to be nominated for student representative awards, and, on request, you will receive a formal letter of recommendation to add to your CV. You will have the chance to be fully involved in all aspects of student life.


If you want to join your Council as a representative, you can apply Below:  

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Your time at university is what you make it – and so we encourage you to grab every opportunity to get involved in extra-curricular activities. You’ll meet new friends, make memories, and gain valuable experience to enhance your CV.

There are many ways you can get involved – by joining a society or sports club to develop your interests, by serving on an academic council to have a say in how your school or department is run, or by joining the social or academic events teams to give all of our students the best and most fulfilling experience in their time here.

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