A great start for our Undergraduate Council

This semester the council has already started working on multiple issues that students presented. We currently have more than 20 Council members and had our first meeting on Tuesday the 17th February 2017, where we discussed various issues that were brought up in Senate. We are also In the process of recruiting Students Reps with the help of the Program Directors.
Firstly we are working on a solution for Kortex. Many representatives were not aware of this service. The representatives were informed to request their module leasers to upload all class books on to Kortext. Secondly, we are trying to organise together with the library a training sessions for the Reuters and Bloomberg terminals.  Lastly, the BaM Undergraduate Council will help The Academics Events team in the organisation of the upcoming Business Conference in a capacity that still has to be decided. They will participate in our next Council meeting to get a better understanding of the event and the work that has to be done.
In conclusion, we are hard at work on the issues mentioned above, and the council will be meeting bi-weekly until the end of the semester to try and resolve current and future issues.