Become an Executive

Become an Executive 

The Student Union Executive Team are the governing body of the Student Union, headed by the President and Vice President. The Executive Team make sure that the Student Union stands up for the voice of our students and delivers the best events, societies and activities.

The Student Union Executives consists of the President of the Student Union, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer plus the Presidents of the individual Student Councils and support functions.




What are executives?

Anyone who holds a position within the Student Union which carries the title ‘President’ must be democratically elected. The SU president is elected by the whole student body, and the Council Presidents by the students within their course.


All others members of the SU apply for their posts, and the current executive team vote them in.


Why should you join the Executive Team?

If you want to make a difference, lead teams and get your voice heard, this is an ideal opportunity. Membership of the SU Executive Team will definitely enhance your CV and give you usable professional skills. It’s a great opportunity to learn about politics.


Within the SU, we take our responsibilities very seriously. We want to attract people who care and are hard working. Joining the Executive Team is a big responsibility. It’s not easy but it is very rewarding.



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Becoming a Council President

If you are interested in understanding how the University works, and you want to help to improve your programme and department, you might consider running for office as a Council President. You will be focused on dealing with academic issues. You will meet with representatives weekly, gather information about student concerns and liaise with the staff in your department and the wider University to solve them.  


Why should you become a Council President?

Being a Council President will definitely enhance your CV and give you usable professional skills. It’s a great opportunity to learn about politics.


Working on the support functions

The officers who perform support functions include the Secretary and Treasurer, as well as the Communications Officer, Societies Officer, Social and Academic Events Officers and the Sustainability Officer. These officers are involved in the day-to-day operation of delivering the SU’s promises.  We operate the SU like a small company, and each person’s role works together to keep the company running smoothly.


Why should you become a support function officer?

If you join the SU as a support officer, you will learn and develop concrete skills in event planning, governance and management, and depending on your role, additional skills like design and branding. All of these will enhance your CV and make you more confident and employable. 

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