Life of a Council President

06:00- First alarm

06:15- Second alarm, snooze for another 10 minutes, twice

07:45- Finish morning routine and begin commute

08:30- Arrive on campus, go to the Student Union Office or Library

08:30 – 18:00- WORK MODE! Which consists of a mix of the following:

  • Attend to emails
  • Set meetings, prepare for meetings, go to meetings
  • Go to class, independent studies, group work, self-assessment work, SU work
  • Eat, drink coffee, drink chai tea, banter around the office

18:00 – 21:00- Free time for social, me-time, exercise, or more work if necessary

21:00 – the next morning- Prepare for the next day, sleep, re-energise.


Welcome to the life of a council president, where life is about work, eat, sleep, some play, and a slightly life changing experience of growing uphill as a person. Ever find yourself still in summer mode? Where you have a little too much free time to binge watch TV shows because there is nothing else to do? In challenging yourself with a role of responsibility, you will surprise yourself at how much you can accomplish. Not to worry though, joining the Student Union or a Council does not mean you have to be on campus early in the morning! That would be crazy for those who aren’t morning people. University is the place for us to build the foundations for our own future. Whether you want to end up working a 9 – 5, an odd hours job, live an entrepreneur’s life, or join the family business, you have the power to increase your own prospects of a successful future.


We welcome you to the opportunity of joining the Student Union, a vessel to greatness. To find available opportunities:

Why should you be more involved?

  • Build value to your skillset
  • Be surrounded by driven students
  • Experience various work life situations
  • Challenge yourself to grow
  • Realise how amazing you are


The Postgraduate Council is also welcoming BaM students who are willing to commit and become change catalysts. We started off as six members since our first council meeting two weeks ago, and have grown to an estimated team of 20 members. Do you have what it takes to get involved? All it takes is that first step.. To join, email:


To leave you with one final thought.. Gandhi did not say “Be the change that you wish to see in the world” for no reason..