Regent’s Oscars Spring 2016

Last semester the Drama, Film, and Media Council had the pleasure of organising and hosting the Regent’s Oscars, an event that showcased the talent and creativity we have here at Regent’s.

It was an exciting couple of weeks as submissions started coming in for the 5 different categories we offered. We saw all manner of films and videos come in under Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Biographical Short Film and Best Music Video, and were happy to see the involvement across all years and programmes.

All 21 submissions were screened to students in our first event in Tuke Cinema. It was nice to see students coming and supporting their peers. The submissions were truly impressive and there was great feedback from the screening. Soon after, voting opened online and it was left to the students to decide our winners.

Even now, a semester later, we are still incredibly proud of the students for their participation and great sportsmanship. In previous years this event has been organised as a talent show, and whilst this has worked exceptionally well in the past we saw an opportunity to bring to light the amazing quality of the films we create right here in Regent’s and pull the focus to what we saw as a school that tends to be shadowed under Regent’s ‘Business School’ Brand.

Congratulations are still in order for our winners:

Best Director, Best Original Screenplay and Best Cinematography went to “Will you be mime?” a film by Jake Kipping. Jake’s film still continues to grab the attention of festivals all around the world and has subsequently gone on to win a few more awards.

Best Biographical Short Film went to “Hitchbot” written by Jacob Lee Johnson. Jacob is now president of the Film Society and in his third year at Regent’s, with a bright future ahead.

Best Music Video went to “Now I Know” submitted by Sophie Helbig. Sophie has already been involved in creating a recent music video for a German band and continues to add to her repertoire of acting, screenwriting and producing.

We hope that next semester we can see the reprisal of the Regent’s Oscars and see even more amazing works from out talented actors, writers, and filmmakers.

This semester the Drama, Film, and Media student council hopes to organise an event titled “Breaking into Entertainment” that will feature notable speakers from different areas of the industry that will discuss the many ways to break into the entertainment industry. Keep an eye out for posters and flyers that will be popping up around campuses in the weeks to come, for more information on the event.