Bright Futures

Bright Futures

Society currently inactive

We have a full-time national team supporting us, as well as over 50 dedicated Bright Futures university societies all over the country. This allows us to stage more national and regional training events, conferences and competitions.

Regent’s University Bright Futures is run by students, for students, but with the support of a national team. This enables positive collaboration between proactive students and many of the UK’s most dynamic graduate recruiters. We will also be working closely with the Careers and Business Relations at the University to offer our members the best opportunity to develop their employability skills.

The approach of Bright Futures is to give students the opportunity and ability to take control of their own development. Academic achievement is no longer useful on its own; extracurricular activities are now the key. This is where Bright Futures delivers real value for students.

The Society offers fantastic opportunities to enhance employment & job-hunting skills and to network with top employers, while cutting out the middle man.

• Find out about on campus events
• Network with top graduate employers
• Get the inside track on graduate jobs
• Access the best advice for your career

General Information
Committee members 2014/2015:

Presidents: Colette Mahoney & Fabio Cozzolino
Treasurer: Maggie Chan
Corporate Liaison Officer: Luca Bagiotti
Publicity, Promotion & Marketing Officer: Stephen Penn
Data Manager: Erman Dogu

The Bright Futures is currently inactive and looking for a new President!
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