Creative Minds Society

Creative Minds Society

Society currently inactive

Creativity is simply putting your imagination to work, and let it produce the most extraordinary results. We at Creative Minds want to encourage people to explore creativity with all of its wide ranging facets.

Designer and artists often struggle in combining their ideas with a solid, well-conceived business plan to implement their vision into practice. At the same time young entrepreneurs lack in creativity to overcome obstacles during the initial phase of creating a unique product or service. The Creative Minds Society wants to act like a hub between those two groups. Either in Art, Design, Architecture or Fashion it is our goal to bring together the creative and the business part of creative industries.

We want to provide a platform for creative individuals, to help them finding their way in a creative industry and motivate them to think outside the box. With events like panel talks or networking events we are creating a supporting and inspiring environment for our members and everyone interested.

The Creative Minds Society is currently inactive and looking for a new President!
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