Personal Development Society

Personal Development Society

Society currently inactive

What is it?

– We meet at least once a month for around 30 minutes to 1 hour

– It’s a place where you will learn a lot about yourself and how to improve yourself more

– Structure: The first 10 minutes will be some introduction about a person or a theory, then 20 minutes of practicing and then we share with the group our thoughts and raise questions or foster conversation.

– We don’t teach, we make experiences together (only through experiences we learn) – Also, you can suggest themes that interest you.


Why join?

– It improves your CV
– Make better connections by meeting new people

– Overall, it’s a Society, which really has a positive impact on your life, where you learn to improve yourself


What you will learn:

You will learn tools and practices to:

– Learn scientifically proven techniques to improve your life, created by experts, such as Dr. Viktor Frankl, Dr. Irvin Yalom, John J. Ratey, Erich Fromm, Dalai Lama, Franz Ruppert, etc.

– Learn to work smarter, not harder

– Learn to make better presentations

– Become a pro at conversations, and find good ways of resolving conflicts

– Learn how to lead and make an impact on people

– We will also invite the Academic Skills team to teach effective ways in order to get better grades

The Personal Development Society is currently inactive and looking for a new President!
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