Regent’s Language Society

Regent’s Language Society

Society currently inactive

The Regent’s Language Society (RLS) is a student organisation, whose purpose is to develop and expand the knowledge of students in a foreign language.

The aim of the Language Society is to bring together professional and beginner linguists and language aficionados from all across the university. The society will act as a tool for each individual to develop and reach their highest potential in a chosen foreign language. The majority of the student body come from different parts of the world, with diverse cultures & religions and all study different languages. That’s where the Regent’s Language Society comes in! You finally have the opportunity to advance in the language of your dreams with a student with a similar interest.

Your contribution will be essential to the society as it will allow students from various backgrounds to develop their knowledge and comprehension, and bring together a larger community of multi-lingual individuals.

The Regent’s Language Society is currently inactive and looking for a new President!
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