Regent’s Luxury Society

Regent’s Luxury Society

Society currently inactive

The Regent’s Luxury Society is mainly about networking in the luxury industry.

It also arises more participation from everyone, since it not only restricted to the MA Luxury Brand Management but it is integrating all students. Indeed, through the VIP guests, this does not only promote luxury but interesting for all students.  

This can also be seen like a ‘Knowledge Hub’, where people are able to share their knowledge and even get more of it in the luxury field.

Moreover, the fact that we are organising three important events will help with organizational skills, since these events are opened to all students.

This also offers career opportunities and helps making the difference between standards and specificities of luxury. Furthermore, it pushes us to deal with all kind of situations; which can only be beneficial for future careers.

Overall, the Regents Luxury Society helps build a strong team spirit; since everyone is helping each other.

Finally, this society is really beneficial for a personal and professional development of not only the members but wider students.

The Regent’s Luxury Society is currently inactive and looking for a new President!
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