Antoine Soulard

Antoine Soulard

Previous 2015–2017 Student Union President

Previously Communication & Design Officer (2015-2016)

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Antoine Soulard first joined the Student Union in June 2015 as Communication and Design Officer. During his time in the position, Antoine endeavoured to improve the visibility of the Student Union and worked to develop our first website. After developing this website Antoine worked with the University to have it hosted on campus, as well as integrate it as best as possible within our team so that every executive could update the site and tell our students about what they had been doing.

Antoine’s next project was to set up google indoor maps, so that students could find their way around campus on google maps, and find their classrooms, which after discussion with Google was able to happen.

Antoine’s main achievement in the position of Communication & Design Officer was the implementation of a new branding and communication strategy. This strategy saw the design of all communications sent out by the Student Union become more streamlined and have a single visual identity much more visible to the students. By the end of the year, Antoine had been able to increase student engagement with the Student Union by 50% through all the different communication strategies that had been introduced.


On top of his duties as Communication and Design Officer, Antoine worked on various projects around the university including the first Business conference, which saw CEO’s and Managing directors of large firms come and talk to our students about how to get ahead in business. Antoine was one of the main 3 event managers and had an integral part in the planning and delivery aspect of the event, which enabled the event to be so successful and have a full auditorium of 380 guests for the event.


Antoine then ran for President of the Student Union and got elected by a cross-campus ballot in March 2016. Antoine started his role as Student Union President on June first, 2016. His first achievement was the implementation of the new Student App, My Regent’s which enabled students to have easier access to all their data on their phone, and was downloaded by 40% of students within its first few weeks. Antoine continued to try and improve the Student Union and how it operated by restructuring the executive team to enable each officer to be able to work to the best of their abilities and increase visibility amongst student. Antoine continued to improve the Student Union by working with the university to make sure the Student’s voices were heard and was able to sit on the tender process to elect new caterers to solve a lot of complaints that students had been saying.


Throughout Antoine’s Presidency, Antoine strived to make the Student Union as effective as possible and make sure that student issues were solved with the university, the work undertook over the course of the year helped the Student Union improve student satisfaction by 16% by the end of Antoine’s year and led the Regent’s University London Student Union to become the 10th best University Student Union in the country (according to the NSS)


Antoine also helped double the Student Union budget over the course of 1 year, through increased income and better relations with the university, and was able to continue to push forward the implementation of a sabbatical President, which followed Antoine and started her Presidency in June 2017


Due to Antoine’s hard work over his year as President and all the success he was able to bring the Student Union, he was the first ever President to be awarded the honorary title of President Emeritus.