Update from the Film, Media and Performance Council

The Film, Media, and Performance (FMP) Council is working hard on planning two events this spring semester as well as working with the Film Society for bi-weekly screenings. We are working with our course lecturers to set up a networking session amongst the FMP students, as well as working with the course lecturers to improve career options throughout FMP.
The first upcoming event is Regent’s Got Talent, a talent show to see all the talent of Regent’s University London. We are working with Liberal Arts lecturer Benjamin Wolf to be part of the Regent’s Arts. Students can audition to perform their talents on March 8th, and if they get through, they will perform on March 15th.
The big event of this spring semester is the Regent’s Oscars. All the students of Regent’s University are welcome to submit their videos to be judged by a panel of FMP lecturers and industry artists, as well as the students. The screening for the Student Choice award will take place on April 24th, and the Oscar’s event will take place on April 25th.
A networking session will be planned in March so the students of FMP can network with each other. The actual date of this is to be confirmed.
The students of FMP have been voicing their concerns regarding the lack of help they are receiving from Careers. The issue has been brought up in several meetings. The head lecturers have volunteered to speak to the head of Careers to help alleviate the issue of the lack of opportunities for FMP students.
FMP students voiced a concern of a lack of microwaves for student’s use. They deem it unfair that staff have microwaves whereas students have to eat homemade cold food. We are now working on obtaining microwaves.